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Legacy's Biography

            "As oposed to what some might think, Heavy Metal is not a limited, strict style of music, you can blend a lot of things into it and make it sound in ways you never imagined.
            Think of how many things got into oblivion along the way! We saw the oportunity to bring them to light, to put them in the right place, to bond them with the true Heavy Metal.
            Heavy Metal is not the kind of music that goes with the flow and then gets washed away quickly. Heavy metal is quality music, ment to stand when other music styles fall."

            Back in the year 2000, on a heavy metal stage that was beginning to re-take shape in Romania, Legacy was about to bring back to life a spirit, a way of life that got a little dusty during the previous decade. Legacy unleashed an extremely active style of playing that floods with energy. T his way of playing the music brought out the most of the audience in clubs, bars and on open stages, a strong bond being established between the band and the audience. That is what Legacy is all about: inspiring the honesty and energy of good-old heavy metal, teaching the audience to live by their hearts, combating ignorance.

            Legacy was formed in November 2000 in Bucharest, Romania, by the founding members: Ovidiu Turcu, Andrei Peretianu and Sabin Turcu. The initial line-up of the band was: Andrei Peretianu - guitars, Ovidiu Turcu - guitars, Sabin Turcu - bass guitars, Radu Maxim - drums and Andrei Vasilescu - vocals.
            They had 2 concerts in the winter of 2000 after which Legacy's line-up suffered several changes, Catalina Grigore joining the band as the new drummer and Ovidiu also starting singing in Legacy.

            In the winter of 2001 Legacy recorded "A New Beginning..." - EP, featuring 3 songs: "Metal", "Lone Shadow" and "Anarchy".
            Then, another line-up change took place, on May 9th 2002, Octavian "TANI" Turcu joined Legacy to play drums. And so, Legacy's line-up became final. Since then, the band began composing new songs, joining many festivals and Metal concerts, some in smaller clubs, others on big open stages.
            In December 2008 Legacy began recording the first album, "Across The Times", album released on the 25th of April, 2010. This album represents Legacy's 6 years work put onto a CD.


Discography Band Members Photos Videos Biography Legacy On Myspace